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Feb 23

Travelling Travelers


(Firstly I want to say sorry in advance, my writing skills…Leave much to be desired Orz)

Rain was pouring down throughout the area as the young boy was trudging along, his boots and clothes messy and sloshing as he had to navigate through the muddy path of the forest.

Milton was perched at the back of the boy’s neck completely safe and cozy from the weather  under his hair and hood to which Marcus pulled down to cover his eyes a little better whilst wishing he had set out after the storm had let up.

CRACK went a strike of thunder as Marcus instantly dropped down into a crouch pulling the hood down more over his head trembling and mumbling.

“It’s just thunder, it’s just thunder it’s not going to hurt you…It’s just thunder.” He let out a choked whimper now. “I wish Damian or Dad were here…”

((Pshaw—your writing is just fine. :) ))

Linos cursed at the sky, only to get water in his eyes. More sober than he would have liked, the man shouted and fussed as he became utterly drenched with the frigid rain. Hazelnut was hiding in his pocket, and Ruth floated aimlessly ahead. Yes, he probably should have waited for the storm to let up, but Ruth hadn’t stopped him, so there was no reason for her to give him the silent treatment.

The mud was slick, and Linos stumbled a few times, cursing all the way. There was a crack of thunder, and he jumped, nearly landing face first into a shrub. The man pulled himself up and sighed, before noticing a crouching figure in the road. It was hard to tell who it was, whether it be friend or foe. He squinted, and then shouted hoarsely, “Hey! Who are you?”

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